I think your hair in the first picture looks a bit more defined the curls look tighter whereas in the second picture they look less defined and a tad frizzy. Maybe you should try out some new styling products to help keep some curl definition and help with frizz. It doesn't look any less full to me though.
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Yes, the more recent pic has more definition but I think it looks kind of flat. Will see what my new (Deva trained) stylist can do.
thanks for your input Ericachristina
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Seems like what happens to me. When the curls clump together more I lose volume. When they are separated they are "fluffier" but also frizzy. Your damned if u do, damned if u dont -__- mine are clumped today too. Personally I don't like it. I rather have them bigger even if it means some more frizz lol. I think it's cuz I used two products after I showered, which believe it or not two is heavy for me. I have fine hair with what seems like NO porosity
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I know what you mean. Yesterday when I washed my hair, I decided to skip the leave-in conditioner in case it was weighing my hair down. But it didn't make much difference. So I think in my case it's the length matbe weighing it down. I'm so used to big hair so like you, I think I prefer more fluffy to more definition.