I love the 100% silk extra long night cap I got from Blensblend. A lot of ppl like the satin bonnets found at Sally's or the drugstore, but they left my hair in an awkward shape every time and they weren't big enough for me. The one I have now is designed for growing hair, handmade and has a pretty design to boot. Your hair may tolerate store-bought satin bonnets just fine, but you have other options if need be.
last relaxer: june 2010. bc: october 2010.
properties: mix of 3 & 4, high density!!, medium-coarse, protein sensitive, low-normal porosity, cottony, daughter S
hair likes: garnier pure clean conditioner, v05, water & olive oil...that's literally it. so far...
four fat braids every night; moisturize or spray w/ water, seal w/ EVOO every other night.