It may have just been the coloring, but everyone's curl pattern, texture, etc will impact how color turns out. The "What I wanted" gal has a very professional color, not for the faint hearted to attempt; her hair has been professionally curled and blown out. I am not disagreeing that she got a bad deal. What I am saying is that she probably could not have gotten what she wanted any how -because of her curl pattern, cut and style - and the colorist/stylist was too stupid or proud to see that she wanted her hair "tipped" with color - not dyed blue halfway down her back.
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I agree. I hope you didn't think that I sounded combative. I just wanted to understand what you meant about the curl pattern. I do now. And the reason I think so ill of devachan in this instance is that it does market itself as an upscale and professional salon. If they couldn't do the job, they shouldn't have forged ahead no matter how badly the client wanted it or how much she trusted them. And yes everytime you dye your hair there is damage. But these guys really took the cake. . . I've been to lower scale salons for color and higher class ones. I've paid anywhere from $50-$200 per job for a variety of colors (chestnut, auburn, red, blond, highlights, lowlights, tipped-although not lavender-ends, etc.) and in my experience sometimes it's great at cheaper salons, sometimes it's not so great. Same for the upper scale ones. Sometimes Korean ladies can dye my thick, curly bushy hair just as well as any specialist for curly hair. It's all a matter of finding the right person who knows what they're doing and who won't overprocess you.
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