I don't know if I should start a new thread about this or not, but I need to get this off my chest.


The restaurant I worked for last year has some drama going on. Big time.

- Opened Nov. '09
- Owned and operated by a young, unmarried couple. I'll call them Cady and Benny. Benny is legally the owner on paper, but Cady benefits from the income (they live together) and is paid a manager's salary.
- They've been together for 10 years. They own a house, 2 cars, and a boat together.
- Initially, Cady bartended and served. All servers and bartenders pool tips, so she always got an equal cut, just like everyone else.
- They now have a 1 year old child. Since the birth of the baby, Cady acts as manager most of the time. Sometimes she fills in as hostess or food runner.
- The hostess and the food runner get 5% and 10% of the tips respectively.

Apparently, last week, Cady sent the hostess home around 6:30 and took over those duties. She also sent one of the waitresses home. Since she had hired a babysitter that night, Cady had to leave by 9. The staff decided that since it was slow enough to cut 2 people, and that she only filled in for 2.5 hours, that they didn't need to tip out Cady. The next day she was furious and accused the senior staff members of stealing and made it very clear that she was to be tipped out just like any other employee.

And, it happened again! She filled in for a food runner last night, and didn't receive a tip-out from the staff. I was told she humiliated one of the girls who worked last night, in front of everyone, accused her of stealing, and made her re-divide the tips to give her a tip out!!!

This can't be legal, can it??? I've tried to find out about labor laws in Puerto Rico, but I can't find anything in English. I may have found some stuff in Spanish, but it's hard to for me to decipher the legal language. I do know that PR follows FLSA and has very strict labor laws that usually favor the employee.

These people are nasty mo-fos. Benny frequently talks crap about his employees to his other employees... He discusses not only work related issues, but comments on people being old, ugly, and fat.

- Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
- Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.