(at home!)

I have been "covering" my grays at home, with drugstore products, for over 20 years. I usually only do the roots, and I only need to do the front: that's the pattern that has been handed down through my genes.

Am I wasting my time trying to do a cg, no-sulfates, no silicones routine? About 3 months ago I stopped using the silicone-containing conditioner that comes with the store-bought hair dye, but haven't found anything to compare to it's ability to comb out my mane and "sleekify" my frizzy canopy. Dying my hair has become an even longer and more arduous process now that I don't use the silicone conditioner to help me get combed out and "smoothed" in the shower.

I'm only 46, and I'm not ready to go gray yet. Also money has been a consideration, hence the coloring at home with drugstore dyes.

You women and men have been a lifeline for me: please take the time to write if you are someone who dyes at home due to budget restrictions, and tell me honestly what you think my options are. Personally, I think the silicone-containing conditioners in the hair color boxes may be necessary again, just to sustain the appearance of smoothness (not to mention de-tangling properties) after coloring. (Maybe a lot of reparative conditioning in the interim 3-4 weeks could help?)

Really grasping at straws here, and literally!!