I was talking to my mom last night, and like most other times the way she speaks confuses me at time. But in the end she notified me that my grandfather had... penis cancer???

here's a transcript of the convo:

me: how's your father? (the man doesnt know my name so i only call him granddad to his face)
mom: oh he has cancer.
me: OH NO! what kind?
mom: (says somthing in a wisper)
me: what?
mom: (says something that sounds like it begins with a "p")
me: pancreatic? prostate? pituitary gland?
mom: No! (back to wisper) on his pee wee.
me: huh?
mom: (lounder): oh his pee wee
me: are you trying to say on his penis?
mom: yes. its on his pee wee. he's having it removed.
mom: no the cancer!

i dont know if her information is correct. i wont get into the details of how he supposely found out about this the way she forced it on me. But holy crap!!

sidenote: this is the same woman who curses like a sailor, but still cant say penis. WTH!? i actually say things like, penis, vagina, breast, nipple, ect. and it makes her uncomfortable.

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