please take the time to write if you are someone who dyes at home due to budget restrictions, and tell me honestly what you think my options are. Personally, I think the silicone-containing conditioners in the hair color boxes may be necessary again, just to sustain the appearance of smoothness (not to mention de-tangling properties) after coloring.
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I dye at home (I have a LOT of gray) and I use Naturtint 5C for my color. It comes with a little tube of 'Nutrideep Multiplier' conditioner and shampoo; neither has silicones or sulfates. Sometimes I add a bit of my own (silicone-free) conditioner after I use theirs. I never have problems with slip or softness, although this hair color is ammonia-free so it's not quite as harsh.

So in my experience, yes -- you can color at home and use your own silicone-free conditioner with good results. (Right now the conditioners I use are Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner, GVP Conditioning Balm and Giovanni Smooth As Silk.)
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