I love the henna results I get with my Indian Grocery Store bought stuff.
This body art quality product comes directly from India, from the Rajasthan region. It has amazing deep red colour, excellent gray coverage and absolutely no fading. The name on the package happens to say "Dulhan" which I've found just a slight bit better than other brands, but really the brand doesn't matter much, I've found. So long as it's BAQ and fresh from Rajasthan.

It comes in 1 kilogram bags (2.2 pounds, 1000 grams) for $7.99.
I mix up the whole thing all at once, with 10 to 12 cups of strong black tea. I let the pigment release for a few hours and then bag into several sandwich sized freezer ziplocks. I freeze them and am good to go for months! One $7.99 purchase is enough to do my long hair 5 or 6 times, with very generous applications.

Lush hennas are Persian.. the only time I've ever been disappointed with Hennas have been when I tried one from Iran (Persia) and when I used an old package.

For $25.95 for probably only one application, I think the cost is ridiculous when you can get much better for less than $2 an application.