You don't live near any drugstores? I'm in a college town, and we have a couple drugstores within walking distance (like Walgreens carries a lot of good products) plus a Walmart.

If you can get to a grocery store, there's a neat recipe using Knox unflavored gelatin powder that you can try. I've tried it, and it works really well in my hair. Knox unflavored gelatin powder comes in a small box and has like five little individual bags in it. You can find it with the jello and pudding, usually. Also, I've read before that the protein in egg doesn't really help hair very much because it's a large protein. I don't really know much about that though.

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The Great Egg Debate

ETA: If your Mousse contains mineral oil, you might want to rotate in a clarify shampoo occasionally because that can build up on the hair.
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