It has been a long time since I came to this site but my experience with Keratin leads me to find out of other people out there have had the same experience.

I had it done two years ago. My hair took well and my normal curls were nowhere in sight... so the Keratin treatment seemed to be a success. But, as the months passed I kept expecting, and waiting, for my "normal hair" to return.

It never did.

Ever since Keratin, my hair texture has changed from well defined, fluffy cork-screw curls to VERY frizzy, dry/brittle, hard to tame curls. My hair has also been thinning tremendously.

I think the thinning might be from stress I had last year, but even still, I noticed these changes before the stress occurred.

I was speaking to my aunt who said her friend who had Keratin experienced a texture change as well - her hair became very frizzy and dry.

Are there others out there who are experiencing this? Do tell!

I hope I am not alone!
Originally Posted by smbrooks96
Yes, I talked about it all the time. My curls are permanently altered. I never do a full-head application anymore.

Depends on your hair texture (coarse vs. fine), with coarse hair being the most resistant to the relaxation and most likely to revert somewhat.
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