But wasn't the Coconut & Hibiscus Co-wash listed in the "new Shea Moisture product" thread? I keep waiting for it and its friends to come to town so I can buy them up. I have the Restorative (gold label) Conditioner. It doesn't have that much slip for me in regards to being a good rinse out but it does what it says and leaves my hair very silky. I haven't tried it as a leave really but I have tried it as a semi deep treatment. I wash my hair at night, put some into damp hair, sleep with it in, and then rinse in the morning. It's awesome and super moisturizing that way. I want to purchase the Yucca/Aloe conditioner too because I love the floral smell (I have the matching shampoo) but am a little afraid because of the vegetable protein it contains. Also I got my fine haired wavy friend the Yucca/Aloe milk and it really volumized her hair as a leave in. I already have plenty of volume. (I actually got a bunch of layers put in my hair today to help banish said volume. Maybe I can try it now come to think of it . . . )

Does anyone have the Coconut/Hibiscus Co-wash? I'd like to hear opinions on that because I'm digging the smoothie from that same line.

So yeah I'm having a love affair with Shea Moisture. Everything I try I seem to like.
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