it kind of annoys me when people care so much about their city. Like... who cares lol.

70% of the people at my school are northerners and ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS THEIR CITY omg no one cares. "jersey city this, new york city that, bmore in the house blah blah blah"

"oh you don't know nothing about this I'm from up north that's how we roll blah blah blah" I get it, you're different, feel special, because the person beside you is probably from the same state as you also, you is kind you is smart you is important. Bless you and good night.

seriously! who cares!!!!
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LOL I feel the same way. I knew a group of people(and they are still on my fb) that talk about being from NJ ALL the damn time. They seem to not like anything about the city the chose to move to and raise their kids in but obviously they do that's why they are here lol and not their beloved city. And dear lord, when hurricane sandy happened thats all i ever read and heard, jersey this and that, geezus fuxin kryste. And yes, the ones from ny are usually worse.