I luckily landed myself in a most curly/wavy haired group (I'm in year 10..) but one of my best friends who has stick straight hair (she's asian) always called me and my 3b friend hagrid! I know shes just joking but it does hurt :/
She also likes to rub it in out noses that she doesnt have to do anything to her hair, but she also can only wear her hair in a pony tail for school! No braids, or even buns! (Our school doesn't let us wear out hair out.. )
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Let's see how she'll wear her hair for prom, or any other event.
Most ppl with straight hair wish for curls as they can't do anything new to their hair.
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Well, that's kind of rude :/ yes, they can do new stuff to their hair and you can't assume 'most' straight haired people wish for curls anymore than you can assume 'most' curl haired people wish for straight.

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