I've only been doing the CG method for about 9 months now. Still tweaking the process, but this seems to be working well so far.

I co-wash every 1-2 days with L'Oreal EverStrong Bodifying conditioner. Since going CG I've only shampooed two or three times, and that's only if it seems like my hair is getting dull or feels like there's build up.

I use the same product to condition more heavily after I've massaged away all the dirt and oil on my scalp. I usually use 1-2 palmfuls for this. In Curly Girl, Massey talks about using enough to get your hair slippery, similar to the feel of seaweed when it's under water. I try to keep that in mind, then leave in for the rest of my shower.

After I rinse, I scrunch out some of the excess water with my hands, then start to scrunch more out with a microfiber towel.

Once my hair is no longer dripping, I put in a shallow palmful of L'Oreal EveryStyle Strong Hold gel. This is the only gel I've used since I started the CG method, other than L'Oreal's curly gel. The curly stuff DID NOT WORK, made my hair totally lifeless and limp. But the Strong Hold works great for me. {I'd be interested to hear if anyone has a strong opinion on drugstore vs salon products.} I like to put in a fair amount of gel, because I like a pretty solid gel cast. My hair tends to be too soft/has no texture if I don't use enough. After I apply the gel I scrunch the hell out of it, first with my hands, then scrunch some more with a microfiber towel.

After that I plop using the same towel. I do this for at least 15 minutes, but to be honest I work from home and once I sit down at my computer I lose all track of time, so sometimes I leave it up for nearly an hour. Then I take it down and let it air dry, which usually takes at least another half hour or so.

Once totally dry, I'll scrunch out the crunch, then run my fingers under my hair along my scalp and sort of shake everything loose. I'll flip my hair upside down and do this as well.

Then I'm good to go.

My hair is a bit on the thin side, and it's barely at my shoulders now (I'm growing it out). So far my luck with second-day hair is 50-50, but once it's long enough to put up on a decent loose ponytail on my head when I sleep I think it'll be a lot better. I do tend to use B&B hair powder on my hair the next day if I don't have time to co-wash.

CG since 5/2012
Co-wash | Loreal EverStrong Bodifying Conditioner
Style | Loreal EverStyle Strong Hold Defining Gel

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