i will admit, it annoys me as well!

I'm from baltimore, and i have met people who claim they are from Baltimore then know nothing about it. and have never been there! How the hells bells you from a place you never been!?!?!? I have relatives who have never stepped in Baltimore, but claim they are from there. its like, "NO! Just because our grandparents are from there do not make you a baltimoron my default! and no, sorry, but towson, catonsville, cockeysville, westminster, owings mills, ect. does not count. if you have no idea what a chicken box and half and half is, you are not from baltimore!"
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chicken box w/ western fries washed down with half n half. mmmmmmmmmm

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western fries!!!??? Blasphemy!!! just regular ole fires thank you very much! and make the half & half a jumbo, with a little bit of ice!!
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omg theres a spot, a couple blocks from my house that serves half n half in only one size...40 ounces and no ice. they just make up a bunch every hour and stick em in the freezer till they are ordered. good, too. they dont even serve ice tea or lemonade, just half n half.

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