I have sever heat damage which makes my hair look like the girl with the puffy hair below only the parts that are straight on her hair, not the little ball but the COMPLETE straightness of her hair, that's my WHOLE head. I am the baby in the picture below and the woman is my mother. I believe my mothers hair is 2C or 3A and my hair is the exact same maybe a little curlier so 3A or 3B some type of 3 lol. But I have had my hair done in the beauty shop (wash, blow dry, hot comb, and flat iron) for every week to every month for about 12 or 13 years. My dad got my hair done at (my mom says) probably the age of 4 or 5. I am 17 now. I am so worried guys. Can all this heat have changed my curl pattern? I am in the process of transitioning, but I just need to know. I know that hair changes with puberty and age and things like that but can it COMPLETELY take me out of type 3 into type 4? (Love type 4 hair, but I cant cant even take care of what I think is type 3 I am really not worthy of type 4) Can heat damage change my curl pattern? Sorry for the long story thank you Sorry the pics are so small but I cant inlarge but my mom had 2c medium texture (closer to fine but not exactly)
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