When I first started taking care of my hair I had straight damaged areas at the front, on the areas I use to flat iron the most. I didn't want to chop off my hair all at once because the rest was so long and I didn't think it would look right. What I chose to do was curl the bits that were damaged, I didn't use any heat, I just used regular heatless rollers and put them in after I applied all my leave in. I would let my hair dry partially and take them out and end up with curls. I did this until my hair grew in enough for me to cut off the damaged ends and still have fairly long front pieces that looked good with the rest of my very long hair.
I guess it depends on how much damage you have as well. Mine wasn't on my whole head it was only on a small area and I only needed like four small rollers this could be a bit more tedious if you have a lot of damage.

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