that is my life.

You'd have to be strung out on meth to tell me to smile.

People are stupid, I don't greet every breath of life either, not if I'm doing something.

People used to like really grill me for that, but like seriously. Get over yourself. I know you're there, if you want to talk to me, talk, I will reply but I'm not going to say hey. I will not. I still don't.

My ex fake boyfriend, would get mad becasue I wouldn't say "hi", I would just start talking and he'd be like "you can't say hi first"...and I'd just be like "why".

I MEAN WHY THO? It's not like we're meeting for the first time. Or I haven't seen this person previously in the day.

But now I have a habit of making sure I say hi, to someone before I talk to them because for some reason people get their undies tangled when you don't say hi first.

I don't understand why. I think I'll just be antisocial cause the rules are stupid.

I just feel like saying hi how are you is corny and a waste of time especially if you're close to your friends. If I'm not close to you, I might say that to break the ice, but I shouldn't have to say that to my friends, if they want to tell me how they feel they should just right out say it, not some formal hello.