if you love it so much WHY YOU HERE?? and I know it's not because of our great academic achievements, unless you're a marine person which most of them are not.

A lot of people also move down here from north, like half the city is Northerners, we have to identify people by being locals, not tourist/northerners who moved here. IT'S RARE to find someone from the city that's been here their whole life.

If you find someone, the response usually is "wow".

AND all they do is talk about how awesome up north is. And how they do things up north. Who cares!

It drives me crazy, I usually walk away once people start talking about where they're from because I DON'T CARE.

And they act like they're above us, south people ( i mean you are hahahahahahhahah) I would wave a confederate flag right now if I were white and didn't know what it really meant.

OMG, So, that's why people have them, they really don't know after all....awww. bless them.

OMG I came back because I have more vents of city people!

My old roommate was from boston and she'd always be like "I've bet you've never been to a city, omg have you never moved out of your house, omg have you ever been up north omg you small town folk"

and she WASN'T REALLY FROM BOSTON she just claimed it - HAH.

I also get annoyed with people that have lived everywhere, they act like they're so awesome also, like I met a girl this weekend she kept going on and on about how she lived here and there and everywhere. Yea but I've lived in so many places so clearly that cancels out any place you've ever been. OMG who cares, I mean its okay to know if this had anything to do with anything BUT it didn't.

People and their geography, get a room.
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Lol I know exactly how you feel about dem damn Yankees! Lol @ the confederate flag. I joke about how the Yankees are taking over. And yea in the city there are hardly any locals. People act like I'm from a different planet when I tell them I was born here. Like this city never existed before you even heard of it.

Most of my friends/coworkers are from other areas in the south and they don't have that attitude. I do have a few foreign friends and a couple are somewhat snobby. They look down on us ignorant Americans.