Im glad I was able to warn some people...I think what really offends me is not so much the botched hair job ( even though double bleaching is such an amateur mistake for such an expensive salon to make!!) because Ive had bad hair jobs here and there...what really surprised me was the company's ethics, I mean in my job if a customer comes to me soo unhappy with something thats clearly my fault, I own up and try to make things better. Its common sense, I really have never met such a disgustingly unethical approach to business as Devachans...its horrifying to think that they not only wanted to pin the whole thing on me, (even though I again WANTED AND BROUGHT LAVENDER OR PURPLE and they clearly went and used BLUE) but when I was upset by the results they didnt want to give the money back and said "come back" and we will fix it... Now, I knew it but I went to a salon in beverly hills just to confirm, really ritzy place, the chick took one look at my hair and said "whoever tells you they can fix this is lying, if I put color in it itll wash right out and further damage your hair, I cant bleach it anymore, and I cant cover it, treat and cut your own hair when its longer and healthier come and Ill cover your color..." So what was deva's plan? to saw my hair off? Dye it to death? Just sad....I honestly wonder about that company, its their responsibility to ensure their staff has enough training to work there!!!! Anyways just chopped about 2-3inches off my hair to see if I can restore it a bit...will keep you all updated.

PS It was def just the color i was going for, not the big quinceañera curls in the pic. if you notice the tips are the only part dyed all the way to lavender, the rest is just light brown. I did my hair magenta before, so I know it can take color and bleach to a certain extent...they just thoroughly messed up.