I was reminded it just now that it really urks me when people automatically go into stuff assuming everyone believes in Jesus Christ as their savior. You do realize other people have different religions, right? Christianity is the default.
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FOR. SERIOUS. UGH. Plus people will be all Jesus this, Jesus that all day everywhere and I just think of the smell of antiseptic in hospitals and how you know it's covering something really foul. Who's constantly talking up their religion if they don't feel they have something to prove?

Also, get well soon. You deserve egg sandwiches and pizza and cookies and smiles...but don't eat those unless you really need some calcium.

Polly, you get well soon, too! Poor doggie. [Hee, the image of her sister charging straight into a snow bank and having to be yanked back out is so amusing.]

Ugh, Saria, your coworkers. I need to fly to Boston and choke a *****. ...Is a thing you probably shouldn't announce on a message board when your search history is full of bows and arrows and throwing knives. IT'S ALL KATNISS'S FAULT. Actually, this isn't my most recent search history. Maybe the FBI would get embarrassed and stop digging.

Sometimes the internet takes you on a wild ride. Sometimes you look up info about a supplement that some people take for fatigue and depression and others take for reproductive health and you end up finding people on a message board who are overdosing on this and various other herbs and junk to try to get bigger breasts. They also mention massaging and SLAPPING (not kidding WTF) their breasts for growth. And one of them says the word "noogleberry" and you're all "A berry called noogle??" and you look up "what is noogleberry" and the words "breast pump" come up in the search results and you're glad no images came up but - but what. Breast pumps are supposed to be for getting milk out to feed babies, what is this pumping of boobs to make them larger like those freaky penis pump things and why would you give this thing a name like noogleberry? WHY??? I supposed I could ask google why they named it that but I am afraid.


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