I just can't get second day hair. I cut two knots out of my hair, and heard plenty snapping while gently brushing with my imitation TT and detangling spray, today. Despite tying my hair back last night, it was still very knotty, and looked so frizzy and messy. Plus the curls were really deformed. I just can't get second day hair :'(

Even by the end of the day, my hair looks like this;

Which I don't mind, but you can see how frizzy it gets, and the knots are ridiculous.

I have fine hair, so perhaps that's a contributer.
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Do you seal your hair?

Have you tried smoothing the curls with a light oil? Rub oil on your palms/fingers and smoothe the canopy with your palms, and twist the clumps/curls back into place. (You can even try that 2nd step with some watery condish).

Your curls are lovely!! I don't think it looks as bad as you think!
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