I'm not sure I understand your post completely. The way you part your hair, is there more hair on the left side of your head or right? And is the curlier side the side with more hair or less?

I have this exact problem. Since my straightening days, I have parted by hair a little to the right of center, meaning I have way more hair on the left side. When curly, the left side has tons of volume and much better curl (2C bordering on 3A ringlets). The clumps on my left side are HUGE if I part that way, like it looks like someone took a fat curling iron to sections. It makes it look kind of undefined and just "big," though. My right side, on the other hand, ends up 2B and flat.

Anyway, this morning I decided to part my hair almost smack dab in the middle of my head. I was afraid it would look dumb, but it doesn't (I hope not anyway haha). Today, the huge clumps on my left side are broken up into smaller, more pronounced S waves. And, the right side of my hair matches! It's like I borrowed some of the curl from the left side and gave it to the right, and now they are both 2C. I would try switching up your part one day, just to see if that will even out the curl pattern.

You say your hair is medium texture, so dusalocks' suggestion is a good one. My hair is fine, especially on the under layers, so I have found that less product on the 2B side is better because it gets weighed down so easily. That side is also a lot curlier on the days I low-poo, so I have started low-pooing twice a week. It also seems to respond really, really well to protein, so I've been experimenting with using a protein-heavy LI on that side only.

Your hair might be different, I just thought I'd share my own experience in case it gave you some ideas!!