I find it kind of funny that this bothers you when you say yourself that you're not from the city! I wonder if it's more common for transplants to be more annoyed by this sort of thing than natives. I do think sometimes that transplants know the cities they live in better than the natives do.
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Yeah, if you're asking where I grew up, I did NOT grow up in Boston. I grew up deep in the 'burbs. Then I went away to college, and then I moved to Boston, where I've been living for 10 years. Most of the time when someone asks me "where are you from?" they're asking me where I live, not where I grew up, and the correct answer is "Boston". But that's not the point here. The point isn't about mentioning where you're from...

....it's just about CLAIMING a city as your own, and BRAGGING about how awesome it is to be from there, and BRAGGING about certain stereotypical characteristics of people from that city. When you don't live there, didn't grow up there, and barely spend any time there.

I'm glad to see that a bunch of you Baltimore people can relate!
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