Hi, I just wanted to add that I am brand new and can't get my account details edited at all really. I can't do a profile picture at all and that link, as well as others related to account details, take me back to the homepage or a survey about curl pattern. It's quite frustrating! I was able to get my signature completed the other day but it doesn't show the picture I attached (in lieu of a profile pic, I wanted to have one in my signature). I actually just went in to edit my signature and when I hit "Save", I was brought to a screen that says I haven't subscribed to any threads. Honestly, I am so confused. It's like the buttons/links/whatchamacallems don't match what they are supposed to. It's totally wonky. Thanks in advance for any help. Btw, I am using the Internet Explorer browser on a PC, if that helps!

ETA: Regarding the birthday issue, I was prompted to enter my location, which I did, but when I submitted it I was told that I had not entered my birthday correctly (what the heck?). I couldn't find anywhere to enter my birthday! So strange!
2C / 3A (3C underneath, at my nape)
Coarse, Highly porous, Medium density, Normal elasticity, Length is past mid-back

CO wash: Yes to Carrots conditioner
LI: KCKT (love it!)
Stylers: KCCC (awesome!)

*CG since 2-2-13
*No to proteins and oils
*Recovering from a MAJOR overdose of protein (I had no idea there even was such a thing. Thanks, NC.com forum!)

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