Hey ladies!
As a gift, my best friend took my daughter to a Dominican salon to have her hair done by this lady every Latina around is raving about. The word is that she does the best BKT.
My curly daughter came back with super soft, glossy, GORGEOUS straight hair. This was 3 months ago, and my daughter's hair still look amazing!!!! I am taking her back because she has new growth. Her curl pattern had not been affected at all.
Apparently the hairstylist makes her own BKT secret concoction adding some "secret oils" etc.
I called her to ask for a hint, but all she said was she adds "a blend of oils like Shea Butter, etc.".
I would have never though of adding anything else to the BKT product I use (KeraPremium)
Has anyone of you ever added your own "secret " extra ingredients to your BKT?
I am way too curious about this!