I'm from Baltimore, and it irks me to no end when people try to claim it. I first encountered this phenomenon when I ventured away for college... All the way in college park. I couldn't go a day without meeting someone who said they were from Baltimore, and upon asking what high school they attended, come to find out it was perry hall or parkville! I would understand if we were in Atlanta or Phoenix, but its the same freaking state. I know where Towson, Catonsville, and ellicott city are, so don't say you're from bmore if you're not!
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Oh and dont get me started on those same people who talk about how dangerous it is to live them and they have never even been to the city!!!

naturaldoll, you know I want an half & half now right??
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I had to go get one right after I finished typing yesterday. I remember I went to atlantic city for my birthday a couple years back, and asking for half n half at a restauraunt. they had no idea what I meant and im like whaaat?! what is life without half n half ?!

and I hate the "oh baltimore is soooo dangerous" pearl clutching people, baltimore aint no more dangerous than any other city, in fact crime has actually been on the decrease the past few years.
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