Thanks guys! I like the way the curl trigger smells a lot more than the conditioner or recoil. Am I the only one who thinks they smell soapy? But not a good soapy
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I actually like the smell of the AG re:coil conditioner, more of a fresh scent. The curl activator, OTOH, had a chemical smell to it which I did not care for. I would have continued to use it anyway if it had worked for my hair, but it felt heavy no matter how little I used and did nothing for my frizz. I don't know if it was the mag sulfate or the polyquats (or both) but it was not for me. Looking over the Curl Trigger ingredients, I see that it has them too, so I wonder if I'd have the same issues

FYI, Ulta has a huge annual liter sale around July. I was able to get liters of AG recoil poo and condish for $14.99 each, minus the $3.50 coupon - $100 worth for $23! There's also a website, Beauty Brands: Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Nails, Salon and Spa, that also has a huge liter sale timed to coincide with Ulta's, So you should have no problem stocking up inexpensively
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