I went for my haircut today and I'm very pleased. She cut a couple of inches off and did the Deva styling. It looks very thick and healthy now - not flat at all. I think I've found a very good stylist. I'll be more sure about the degree of improvement after I've washed and styled it myself but preliminary I'm very happy.

I know what you mean. Yesterday when I washed my hair, I decided to skip the leave-in conditioner in case it was weighing my hair down. But it didn't make much difference. So I think in my case it's the length matbe weighing it down. I'm so used to big hair so like you, I think I prefer more fluffy to more definition.
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Let me know if the stylist helps please!
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Pic? And I'm thinking about having a friend cut layers in mine too
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity