Gahhh! Gahhhh! Gaaaahhhhhh! my poor curls D: Ive been super busy and for the past few weeks ive been using suave natural shampoo and any condish i could I picked up olive oil condish a few weeks ago.... figued it would be safe... NAH UH! Stupid shampoo is loaded with sulfate (Screams) and the olive oil condish is so nasty! It gathers at my root and makes my hair all frizzy and stringy. But since ive been so busy I havent read my shampoo lable till i finished the bottle And i was blaming the freezing cold weather here in can for the huge halo of frizz....its my products So anyways my sister picked up my family shampoo (us being all curlys) which is sulfate-curly friendly shampoo (its called AG hair products) and i picked up Tressemea (sp? :|) naturals (which i first used when i first went CG) So anyways can anyone give me some review on these two products as i am going into the states this wkend and can pick up different products...thanks guys