Yes, PR is all I can think about and I'm wondering who is representing them and why aren't they on this already? This stuff festers you know.

No one would accuse you of being a shill for anything, Korkscrew. You're obviously an honest person and you stick to your guns. I agree that it is only fair to look at the math, and I'm sure there are several fabulous hairdressers at Devachan (Culver City) who are responsible for those 21 favorable reviews and who should be commended for it. Those 21 good reviews were part of what was making me consider going to this salon in the first place. (It's also worth noting that one reviewer on yelp liked the cut but hated the color, which demonstrates that this coloring business is an ongoing problem.)

But it's also easy to understand how some of these horror stories can make those other favorable reviews fade to the background. The fact of the matter is it's your hair. If somebody botches it it's not so easy to fix. And if instead of apologizing they knock you down after the fact, well, it doesn't speak well for the company in general, does it? Based on the reviews to my knowledge I think Amaya is the only one who, quite rightly, had the mind to go back and try to be recompensed. And not only did they overcharge her, they tried to pin the blame on her! So as far as I'm concerned it's a wash. A big blotchy purplish blue wash.
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