Omg, all of every single moment of this episode.

I had a feeling Fitz was going to kill Verna as soon as she started threatening to tell the DA. I didn't think he had it in him but it seemed like they were setting it up that way. Then when he went to walked away I thought I had been wrong.. but nope! I think part of it was that he was so hurt that everyone including, and most importantly, the love of his life had lied to and betrayed him. The look one his face when he realized what Olivia had been a part of it I don't think his legacy was that big of a factor until he learned the truth about the election because before he was all kinds if ready to give that up for her. Do you all see Fitz as one of the bad guys now? I mean, Verna tried to kill him first, she just failed.

Cyrus....good lord. Does that man have any decency? Was he really about to let that man kill his own husband? I mean, yeah he backed out but at the LAST SECOND. Ughh the anxiety I had during that scene.

I felt so sorry for Abby! She had a chane at love with David who at this point seems like the only "white hat" on the entire show! I'm going to need some awesome backstory on why the gladiators are so loyal to Olivia Pope...I mean they have risked everything for her at this point. I need to know why she is willing to do everything she's done just to be a gladiator.

Poor David...get always gets the short end of everything. Will the right side of the law ever win? He needs to get smarter or learn how to play the political game without compromising his ethics. (Maybe the pint is that in politics that's rarely possible???)

Mellie...I guess she'll be on cloud nine during the next episode. That scene where she calls the nurse to get the baby right after the reporters leave....smh, classic Mellie! I wonder if now that Fitz is a murderer will the writers make them into a political scheming power couple?

I also wonder how long the writers will keep Olitz apart....I think that the subtle body language and conversations between Olivia and Harrison may let them open that door without it seeming out in left field. On the other hand I think the previews had her being asked out by someone else so who knows....

I know I'm forgetting stuff but I'm getting sleepy!

Can't wait to read what you all think! I love different perspectives :-)