My goodness! This episode had me on the edge of my seat!! I don't see Fitz as a bad guy.. Even though I KNEW he was gonna kill Verna. It was very classy of him to still have so much wonderful things to say about her for the eulogy.

I feel bad for Liv because she gave up a promised "happy ending" with Edison & she keeps turning him down for Fitz. & for Fitz to just do that to her..

Also, I don't feel that Fitz was being very honest with Mellie about all that he said at the end of the episode because he knew that she was involved too! So I think he's gonna get back at her in some way..

As for Cyrus. I lost so much love for him because Charlie (I think his name is) was seconds away from killing his husband! It's scary that your quest for power is more important than your husband. I mean, HE STILL COVERED FOR CY! That's how much he loved him!! He wouldn't even know that if he had went through with the whole taking-his-husbands-life thing. Ugh!! I almost died at that part though.

The loyalty that Harrison, Abby, Huck have for Liv is REAL! Makes you wonder how screwed were their lives before she stepped in. Like it had to be REALLY screwed up because whatever she needs, they do it. No questions asked. Harrison especially!! (I love him by the way.)

One last thing before I get off this: Verna's still going to hell. IDC IDC IDC IDC!