Yep I love to play with my hair, I dye it different colors all the time. Especially when I had it short :P. But now i give it a lot more attention after such abuse hehe.. Its taken me about 3 years to grow it to my length now, I shaved it april '10 and then in june '11 it was like that last pic and I went to get an asymmetrical cut but the guy couldn't do it so i lost like 4 inches again, so from '11 to now I have only done self trims . I color my own hair too I have salon/ stylist ptsd lol.
Melie. 2c Coarse Porous(damaged) Learning to battle The FL humid weather, but I love it here!!!
Trying CG as of 7/8/11

I will try anything on my hair!

Youtube channel: MsMelySoto