Well said Dusa (and thanks for that vote of confidence ). You've helped me to see another angle to this: those scorching reviews are probably overshadowing at least a dozen of those positive reviews, despite the actual math.

And to your (rhetorical and very good) question about this salon not addressing the negative feedback: Did you notice that the OPs botched color pics are displayed at the top of the Culver salon's Yelp page, as part of their picture slide show? LOL ... That alone is a serious PR problem. And then no one from the salon bothered to type up responses to any of those negative Yelp reviews. Someone has fallen asleep at the helm.

And not only did they overcharge her, they tried to pin the blame on her! So as far as I'm concerned it's a wash. A big blotchy purplish blue wash.
... Bonus points for great prose.

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