((((Jess)))) I'm sorry this happened but I'm glad that it's treatable. Stay strong, both of you!

the word noogleberry is making me laugh which is making me want to throw up. OMG. ahahahhahahaahaahahhahaahahahhahhaahahahah

funniest thing ever.

eta: I just googled it. omg.
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OMG turtles did you read about it?? I was too chicken, I just saw the words "breast pump" mentioned and I was like

- Wait, people are out there slapping their breasts in an attempt to make them larger?? And there is no way I'm googling that word.
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Yes, slapping. SLAPPING. I - I don't - I mean...I try to avoid such things as being slapped in the boob and I just sort of assumed everyone was on the same page with this. I was half tempted to read the thread they mentioned to see how the HELL anyone could discuss this seriously, but I was too chicken for that, too. I can't imagine not having ended up clutching my own chest with a look of sheer horror on my face if I had.

I'm glad the likes themselves still seem to show even though the number's gone. Even though it's not like I'm gonna go through and count them, I'm like, okay. If I all of a sudden just had to know, I could, so it's all good. The post count thing is an odd one, though - I'm pretty sure it used to be higher but I have no idea what it was.

I almost revealed my secret of being a dirt to the doctor. He was saying to put this acne cream on at night and I said "so like after you take a shower" and he goes "well it depends when do you take a shower" and I just froze BC I had to think, I go "ummmmm.....I take showers" and then he started laughing. NOOO
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O.M.G. TURTLES. THIS POST. I was laughing out loud for SO long after reading this, especially the bolded! "BEING A DIRT" LMAO ILU TURTLES

Cailin, your poor face! You milk it for all it's worth and feel no shame because OUCH.

so Ms Trunchbull was just gonna throw a kid out a window and let him die....
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Don't forget the little girl she flung by her pigtails - she would have been impaled on a wrought-iron fence if Matilda hadn't been there. And just think of all of the other children she must've chucked around over the years. Either children are made of rubber in Matilda's world or the parents in that town are totally cool with child murder.

I'm still laughing about Todd in the Shadows celebrating Katy Perry's absence from his top hit songs this past year only to defeatedly announce Ke$ha taking her usual spot.
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New boss, same as the old boss.

...It's a siggie.