I know you think femmephobia doesn't exist, but I actually saw a feminist say on tumblr that femininity is often impractical, crippling, costly, and sometimes shallow. Explain this.
lol ‘explain this’

excuse me if i’m misunderstanding, but it seems like you guys are implying that women are born feminine and then femininity is demonized in order to subjugate them

in reality, women are born into a sexist society which, in order to subjugate them, forces them into a gender role which revolves around buying costly products such as make up and clothes, painting themselves to look prettier (and some women do it for themselves, for the art of it, or for other women/people who are not men, but they are absolutely the minority - most women wear make up bc they are self-conscious without it), being passive and being polite (good qualities in a vacuum, but bad to encourage in women in a world which is literally assaulting and killing them daily)

the good qualities in femininity are still about serving others, being in tune with the emotions of others but never fully expressing your own so to not be too intimidating and become a shrieking harpy

femininity is not inherently or wholly negative, but much of it IS in fact designed to contain and marginalize women

masculinity and femininity do not allow for an equal range of expression and opportunity. if they did, men and women would be equally oppressed, except in different ways, and we would not think of gender hierarchy as a patriarchy, it would be something else entirely
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We were talking about poop and farting at work and my coworker was mad that her husband was encouraging and laughing at their daughter farting at home.

My coworker was trying to tell her that girls are not supposed to do that. And it's going to be a problem when she gets older. Urgh. Same woman who only talks to me about cooking and kids when there are other males in the room that actually have kids and cook!!!
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I feel your pain. I spend 12 hours locked in a room with 2 people.

One of my co workers joined a fire department not too long ago. Most of the departments just started accepting women in the past 5 years, and there is only 1 to 2 women on some departments. It's been a round and round issue. What does she do in her interview? She tells them that she does not want to fight fire, *per se* (damn phone). She will if no one else is available, but she mainly wants to cook their meals and clean the station so the men folk can take care of other things.

"Please say it ain't so" was all I could think when she said that.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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