has the wood been painted on before? is it brand new wood? if it has been painting on before you will probably have to sand it off.

if you want to glossy finish you can use a gloss paint. paint comes in flat (when the walls are not shiny but dull, thats flat paint) semi gloss (which is a little more gloosy less dull) and gloss (very shiny).

My dad is a proffessional so i will ask him for you.
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No, not painted

I see them in Michael's a lot. The bare unpainted wooden eggs? The ones I've handled feel smooth, but i vaguely remember reading how wood will just soak up whatever paint you use. The effect I want is bright and colorful with a shiny finish.

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I'm at work and my dad's at work so i cant ask him yet. but a primer might help with that.