3a/2c fine and undefined porosity.

I can't determine porosity but I think normal to high.

Now, I used to live in Florida and would shampoo regularly and use non CG products. We had hard water but I never had an issue. My hair was extremely healthy, curled well, and was in such better shape. I moved to Kentucky and my hair has taken a beating. Stress is making I thin out a bit and poor diet but here is the thing... I have gotten ok results in every location except my own apartment. Which leads me to believe its my water. My hair is dry and the curls have gotten so bad it's like 2b now. I have really fine hair and the condish only method didn't work. My hair goes reall straight when I use stuff like GVPCB. I shampoo often but that combined with my water issues are leaving my hair in shambles.

I'll be moving in a couple months but does anyone know what I can do now to help? I get some awesome results with wheat protein but it's drying and I can't get moisture at all.

I also want to try CJ products. Any advice?