Facebook post from one of my "friends":
"If we don't get at least a foot of snow I will not be a happy girl"

What? STFU! Clearly this person does not shovel.
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or bills to pay! snow means no work! no work means no money! no means mean leaving in cardboard box down by the river! cuz we cant afford to buy a van.
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Thank you. I am missing a days pay today due to this storm. Not cool.

FYI she has no likes on her post

Sorry RCC. I know you are a snow lover but the amount we are getting is supposed to be ridonkulous!
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It is, in all honesty. I recall the two feet we had a few years ago. We didn't close, and the streets were poorly plowed, if at all. I stayed with my BF, helped shovel sidewalks, and then walked to work for a week. I couldn't have walked from my place.

Ironically, my borough was unburied in one day. The city proper sucks.

ETA. It's a good thing I can't see likes in the app. I can post with 'like' influence.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.