Oh! I ment clumb/clump Just hit the 'i' by mistake. It's such nice and smooth curls and not frizzy or poofy at all. Looks great!
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Haha, I thought so! I do get a lot of frizz/poof, trust me! I achieve clumps, however, by scrunching my hair with a chamois after washing out my conditioner then trying my best to not touch it/let it get messed up while it's air drying.
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Well it looks great What's "chamois"?
We don't have a lot of products for the CG-method in Denmark. So I cowash first, wash it out, then deep condition (2-3 times a week), wash it out and then I use gel to style it. Let it dry and scrunch out the crunch when dry.
I don't have enough time in the morning to let my hair air dry 100%, so it tends to get "flat" (not as curly as usual) and a bit frizzy...