It took a very long time for me to be proud of my curls. From the time I was very little until I was halfway through college I hated my curls I wanted hair like everyone around me maybe a little wavy but not curly and frizzy I wanted straight hair I would run a pencil through and not get it stuck. I realized the same thing was happening to my little nice who has the same exact hair u do but I thought it was beautiful on her. I started taking better care of my hair and received many compliments and realize that I'm very lucky to be born withthis hair if I straighten my hair it looks like I was born with straight hair and if I leave it the way it is I know the no person with straight hair can duplicate mine. i am very happy to prove to my niece that there is nothing wrong with our hair that it's beautiful and unique and we should flaunt it and create for it
Proud of my 3B curls 23 years old