I read here that they have cones, but yesterday in Walmart I saw one that didnt..anyhow, I know a lot of curlies like their conditioners, so I was wondering which one(s) I should take a look at...
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Many people here are still sitting shiva over the reformulation of the Triple Nutrition conditioner to include a cone. I came to the CG world too late to experience the wonders of the original version - kinda makes me feel like I do about the Sixties: just missed an otherworldly experience.

I really hope Garnier brings it back, because I'd love to see if it would live up to the hype.
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I'm new to all this stuff and was looking for that triple nutrition condish and thought I was going crazy cuz I counldnt find it without cones. Glad I'm not crazy! Lol

As for GF condish, I've been using the Hydra Recharge Leavein and I'm liking it. No cones from what I can tell. It is a little sticky when applying but other than that its a good leave in. I just wish they made a spray version.
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