I just can't get over Cyrus and his husband having that fight naked.
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I loved that scene. Cyrus' husband cracks me up. "I can't go to jail... I can't be a fugitive. I have asthma and I need to raise my child."

I was surprised that Cyrus really thought about killing his husband. I really thought he was going to have David Rosen shot. I like Cyrus, though I am shocked by what he'll do to keep Fitzgerald in office.

Mellie didn't seem threatened by fitz's affair with Olivia because she probably thought it came with the territory of being a political wife.

I am glad Olivia will get a new love interest. Edison looks too old for her and since she keeps turning him down, she can't be that into him. Harrison is hot but with their history, Liv and he would not be a good match. Fitzgerald tires me so I'm glad she can have a little fun now.
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