Thanks yall! I had to make him see we couldn't just throw us away. He wanted to take the easy way out. I couldn't let it go down like that.
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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I'm really glad to hear this. I was quite sad about how things were going down without either of you fighting for each other. I'm rooting for the both of you. YAY love!!!
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Awww! Thank you! Yes, I snapped out of it. I'm going to make sure he does the same lol. I'm done making mistakes (ratchet!) N thank God I don't have any long term consequences for that.
So now, I gotta find some things for us to do to get our mojo back

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
BC- May 16, 2010
Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!