Hi everyone! I've been away but have kept what I learned here busy. Just updating my progress, was pretty active here in 2008.

Here is how my hair was before CG around 2006.

After going CG in 2008:

And now after growing it out - 5 years later:

Thank YOU Naturally Curly dot com!

I've updated my folki. I live in Italy so don't ask about the North American products I use. They (naturally curly dot com) don't ship to Italy (unfortunately!) so I am not using them. It's all in the routine IMO and products that are similar, no-shampooing and products without silicones - as well as homemade or natural concoctions.The CG method has totally changed my life. I love curls and am so glad I am a CG and don't have to deal with straight hair.


-Fine, ii (almost iii) thickness
-salon pintura and natural sun-made highlights combo
-CG since October 2007, rare occasional low poo.
-Growing it out
click here for fotki pics
-pw: ziggy

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