I have some issues and I hope you ladies can help. My hair is having a hard time holding moisture. I want my hair soft and relatively frizz-free. I have highly porous hair. I dye the roots about every 3 months. I do a protein treatment once a month. I deep condition once a week. I am a modified curly girl. The area I live in has mid-range humiditiy most of the year. I use light weight leave ins and stylers that have protein in them. Most of my stylers have a little silicone in them but I make sure to use a cream cleanser that can take the silicones out of my hair. I co-wash 3 times a week ( I can't go any less than that really, oily scalp). I've tried sealers. My hair doesn't do well with oils ( frizz ) or butters ( They just sit on my hair). I havent tried aloe vera yet but I'm working on that. My hair gets easily weighed down and I really want more volume with movement and little frizz, if possible.
What I currrently use but not all at once. I switch them around.
DC No-poo or CJ cream cleanser ( HG products)
One conditioner ( Rinse out but not totally, I leave a little)
Leave in's Vary, Quidad moisture lock, KCKT, TJ Nourish, DC One condioner
Stylers: Re-coil, Quidad H&H, SM Curl smoothie, SM Milk, KCCC, Mixed chicks leave in, CJ Pattern Pusha
DT: CJ Rehab
PT: CJ curl fix

These are all great products and do provied great
definition but they do leave my hair weighed down, not soft, and don't retain moisture.
Can you ladies help me with ideas on how to get moisture in my hair and retain it? I honestly feel that it will solve a lot of my hair issues.