I really really loved the idea of going all natural with my hair care and Chagrin Valley shampoo bars seemed perfect. I ordered a bunch of samples and was really excited to start.
My hair is already very fine and thin so I am terrified of loosing alot of hair from shampoos.
I tried the cafe moreno a few days ago and didn't really like how it made my hair feel or look. Kinda dull and flat and less curl. I then tried the soapnuts one today and my hair felt and looked the same way. But what is making me question just giving up all together was the amount of hair that I lost using both of them. So many strands were coming out when I used the bar and then vinegar rinse and finger coming. I am so worried that if I continue my hair will fall out more.
Could it somehow be the shampoo bar? I don't know why because I haven't read anything about it. If anything I thought it was supposed to help.
I have tried soooo many natural sulfate and silicone free shampoos and they are usually ok. Some I have noticed more hair loss than normal. Particularly the shea moisture yucca and baobab. Which was very disappointing.
My hair was actually feeling and had amazing curl definition using trader joes nourish spa shampoo and conditioner. I really didn't notice any hair loss. Of course there was some, but just the normal amount. Maybe I will just go back to that but I really wanted to try something more all natural without chemicals, harsh ingredients or preservatives. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I also have fine, thin hair so I can't spare much either : ) I also use the CV bars, but many people with our hair type don't react well to shea and/or castor oil. I have to watch shea content or my hair goes berserk (that's what Bobeam did to me, as did the CV formulas with shea high up in the ingredients). Your experience with the Shea Moisture Y&B suggests that shea is not your hair's friend, either. I use that line, but only in moderation (no more than 2x/wk).

There are several poo bar manufacturers that don't use shea butter or castor oil. I haven't tried them yet, but if you do a search for "shampoo bars" there are several threads with great recommendations. I'll post a few links when I get back to my laptop.

The bars are definitely not for everyone, so if you find that other products work better, don't feel guilty! Just do what's right for YOU.


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