kathymack - You may be right about the castor oil as well since that seems to be in both of the shampoo bars. So do you use shampoo bars without castor oil in it?

I don't think my water is too hard because it did lather and rinse well. I don't think it is soft though, so probably in the middle.

Hopefully I can find another bar that is better for my hair. I can try out the other samples that I have but I may just stop if it is causing my hair loss.

I posted another topic about toadstool shampoo/conditioner. Here are the ingredients to one of the shampoos I was looking into.

Ingred- Distilled Water,Coconut Oil,Cocoa Butter, Saponified Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil & is enhanced with 100% Raw Honey and Lemon Juice for a healthy shine, Fragrance & Potassium Sorbate as a preservative.

Seems like what I am looking for and it does not have castor oil or shea in it. But I'm wondering just any type of soap in my hair is not working for me. I figured maybe trying a shampoo type instead of a bar would work better. Guess I'll just try and see.
Thank you so much guys for your help, I feel much better!
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I don't use castor oil in any products. My hair really hates it. I also use natural soap bars, not shampoo bars.

The shampoo you listed has soap--"saponified" is the cold process way to make soap. Usually saponified olive oil is referred to as Castile Soap. This is just watered down with extra ingredients. You can try it; however, I don't think it's really different. Just watered down soap.
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