Does your hair get weighed down easily? Overconditioned?

Since your hair is fine, I'd go with the protein products. CJ Strengthening Beauticurls conditioner (but has glycerin high up on list) is good. I also really like the PT and DT by Curl Junkie.

I really like Oyin Hair Dew for a leave-in. Fairly light weight.

I see you already use the SS FHG. What about CJ Curl Queen for a gel? It's a medium weight gel that's less thick and more serum like.

Also, have you checked out Shea Moisture products? You could get these from Wal-Greens and Target. Depending on where you live, you could even snag some of the newer SM products.
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That's funny you mentioned CJ products because that's what I've been eyeing. I'm going to check those rec's out! My hair does get easily weighed down. I've never had an issue with over-conditioning!

The only product I've tried of Oyin is there honey-hemp as a RO so I'll look into the Hair Dew(cute name!)

I used one of the SM products. The curl enhancing smoothie. My memory is fuzzy but I think it worked okay for me for a little while. I've always been curious about their other products. Which ones would you recommend?
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